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Experience, background and work project samples for Jim Draper, Video Director, editor and producer.


Highlights of Jim Draper's productions and projects.

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Jim Draper Video 2016-2017 Highlights

Jim Draper

As we head head towards the end of 2017 (already?!),  I've found time to comment on some productions over the last couple of years - starting with some metrics: 

Where in the world


  • Silicon Valley -- 27
  • San Francisco -- 10
  • Las Vegas -- 10
  • So Cal -- 6
  • Out of state: Chicago, Austin, Orlando (2), NYC, Hawaii (OK, that was a vacation), Tokyo, Seattle, Dallas and Vegas (which gets its own piece of the pie).

I find it crazy that I was in San Francisco as much as Las Vegas but that's where they fit many of the shows with five-figure attendance.

The solid tech industry - Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Citrix, Google, Oracle, Salesforce and others - made up the bulk of productions. Here are some of the memorable ones during 2016-2017:

TenCue's production of an Opening experience for corporate event. Unedited - as it happened!

For World Stage on Milken Institute's Global Conference. George W had some interesting comments about his presidency - occasionally in self deprecating way.

Panel of former KSAN personalities Ben Fong-torres, Richard Gossett, Bonnie Simmons and Scoop Nisker Bonnie Simmons, Ben Fong-Torres, Richard Gossett, and Wes "Scoop" Nisker share stories and contextualize the important role of FM radio station KSAN in the culture of San Francisco. Recorded June 2, 2016 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

Interview with Todd Rundgren in Sausalito for the documentary KSAN Jive 95 - The Radio Station That Changed The World.   Photos by Kenny Wardell

Prophets of Rage

Directing for Live Nation at Shoreline Amphitheatre
B Real & Tom Morello Prophets of Rage (photos:  Alan Snodgrass
Ian Young

Directing in LA for the AirBnB Open.  Conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow and AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky.  (Make sure to check out Gwyneth's provocative comment at 24:40!)

In a prequel to Amazon's future deliveries, Citrix demo kicks off with a server delivered via drone. Directing for Bellwether productions.

Yoga practice at Adobe in San Jose on a Carlstrom Production

Peyton Manning, Ryan Gosling,  Penn & Teller and Kate McKinnon at Adobe Summit - for Pix Productions

Kate McKinnon does VR on Adobe Summit Sneaks

10 Cameras in the Round for
InVison Communications & World Stage's production on Service Now show.
Orlando, Florida

Site Plan with 10 camera locations

In June, Pier 70 in SF (which is now being developed for a mixed-use community) had its last production. Kenwood produced the general sessions for Pure Storage... 

...and the closing party with Snoop Dogg

Jim directs Snoop Dogg concert at last event at Pier 70.                                      Cinematography by Jason Spencer

At Oracle's Open World in SF, we had a new tool: Robert Barcelona (The Crane Guy) provided his FlyLine Cable Cam with a Sony EX-3 camera. Lot's of great shots along the 480' line. Check out the cable cam video from the show!

400 Feet of screen at Adobe Max in Las Vegas. State of the art image presentations and fascinating speakers over the two day event.  Keynotes available here

John Favreau in conversation on the delay screen.
Two of the six cameras in lower left, jib on right.

JD directs Oracle Open World

I'm very fortunate to work with a wonderful group of colleagues, clients and friends. Wishing the best to all in the New Year and beyond! 

01 Jim Signature.jpg

Corporate Productions Ramp Up pt.1


It's the economy stupid!  The famous phrase  James Carville coined as a strategy of Bill Clinton's successful 1992 campaign still rings true today. As the economy has picked up, so have the meetings - and the productions - that fuel the live-event production community. The tightening of the corporate belt seems a distant hiccup as tech giants Google, Cisco, Citrix, Oracle, Adobe and Apple have ramped up  productions the last couple of years.

My last post was almost a year ago, so as I have a couple of hours before I finish up a job in Anaheim tonight (concert with Maroon 5), it's about time to recap the last 350 days...

Summer 2012 projects included the Google I/O developer's conference - where sky divers jumped from a blimp onto Moscone Center in the most amazing demo I've ever been a part of. Including the five "Glass" cameras on the sky divers, we had around 20 cameras covering the demo.

Summer continued: SAP event in Palo Alto for Atlantic TV; Cisco in San Diego for Creative Technologies and Seagate in the South Bay with Kenwood.

Cisco's Globals Sales Conference was held at their San Jose campus. Actually it was also held in Singapore, England, India and the Middle East. Produced by TenCue and directed from the Cisco Studios, we went live with each of these locations in a synchronized opening.

Optimal Life Shoot
Optimal Life Shoot

I directed a Fitness video shoot for Optimal Life (at right). In addition to the my usual crew, I had the pleasure of hiring my nephew Jon as the b-roll camera op.

In Long Beach for HGP productions (where I was introduced to the Beachwood Brewing & BBQ restaurant). Amazing burgers - and beer!

Fall saw productions for George P. Johnson & Intel; Adobe shows for Carlstrom Productions & The Kenwood Group; and the largest conference in SF: Oracle Open World, produced by InVision Communications; video production provided by World Stage (formerly Video Applications).

A week later it was off to Barcelona for the second time in two years and the Citrix Summit & Synergy shows. A successful production, a great City and a great crew.  Seen here at Tapeo, our favorite downtown tapas bar.

Tapeo Restaurant, Barcelona
Tapeo Restaurant, Barcelona

October through December productions included the Safeway Foundation's fundraiser on Treasure Island for World Stage; Autodesk University in Las Vegas for TenCue and Adobe in San Jose for Carlstrom Productions.

Many moons ago - right out of college - I worked for the legendary San Francisco radio station KSAN. KSAN produced hundreds of live shows over its 12 year life and I had the opportunity to work on the Live Jive recording crew for four years.Through social networks, I've stayed connected to the former staff and three years ago started a collaboration with Kenny Wardell to produce Live Jive  a collection of live shows from 1968-1974.  Santana, The Dead & Jefferson Airplane are among the 10 tracks. Original  station ID's and new tracks from former DJ's are interspersed between the tracks. Released last fall, Live Jive proceeds benefit the Haight Asbury Medical Clinic. 

Live Jive

Live Jive

Well, shows starting in a couple of hours; that was only 120 days -  Think I'll get to the start of 2013 in the next edition.