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Experience, background and work project samples for Jim Draper, Video Director, editor and producer.


Highlights of Jim Draper's productions and projects.

2013 Jim Draper Video Production Highlights

Jim Draper

Jim interviews Network Solutions founder, Emmitt McHenry.

January saw a lot of travel. Producing a series of Award videos for the ITSMF (Information Technology Senior Management Forum), my film crew (Kevin Branband and Sal Gallagher) and I started in Cleveland then moved on to D.C.; while a second crew shot in NY. Highlight was shooting Emmit McHenry who founded Network Solutions. Opening video is on my Sample Projects page.

Working with Creative technology I spent the 3nd week of January in Seattle and the 4th week in Phoenix on productions for Boeing.

Much of February was spent editing the ITSMF videos and directing for World Stage and VMware in Las Vegas.

1st week of March was spent in Orlando with CT, directing a Walmart business meeting. The following week back to NY for Sparks and the Saffilo fashion show. The next week in San Jose for Carlstrom and Adobe and then back to Vegas for a Google Sales event with Group X.

On to April and a Cisco meeting with AVT; another Boeing event in San Diego and the Milken Global event in LA. May productions for Facebook (AVT), Google I/O, Citrix in Anaheim and Cisco ended May and started June - back in Orlando. Wash, rinse and repeat in June as one of the stage managers I work with is fond of saying.

Jim Draper in TV Truck for T Mobile launch

Back to New York in July for the launch of T-Mobile's JUMP!™ - working for Jack Morton Worldwide and directing out of the Metrovison truck (Photo, right). Back to California for more work with Google, VISA with Harris Creative. 

Managed to throw in a great vacation in the Ketchem/Sun Valley area and get out before a number of fires smoked out the area.

September shows included Intel's IDF with Pederson Media; Adobe with Carlstrom andOracle Open World. Interesting Open World this year with the America's Cup racing happening at the same time. As you no doubt remember, Larry Ellison skipped the last day of the conference to be with his winning team. As much as we missed his presentation, it was a great touch to have the team show up at the end of the conference to field questions with the audience.

Deep into the fall and productions for Optimal Life - this time a Cold & Flu prevention video and The Infra Summit in SF for AVT. End of the month, it was off to Barcelona (for the 3rd year in a row) for InVision Communications production for Cisco and the Internet of Things World Forum. Staying at the Arts Hotel on the beach was quite a treat. 

Hotel Arts Venu, Barcelona

The show was a great success. Lucky enough to spend the following week traveling to southern Spain with my Wife. (Have to take advantage of those trips!). Well, if you have to come back home, it's a easy landing to spend a week at the Ritz hotel in HMB, directing a VISA show for Harris Creative. 

Really a great way to end of the year; 2014 looking to be just as busy as 2013. Counting my blessings, my friends, colleagues and clients!!!