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Experience, background and work project samples for Jim Draper, Video Director, editor and producer.


Highlights of Jim Draper's productions and projects.

9/3/2008: Google Chrome Launch


I'm fortunate enough to live within an hour of Google and direct a number of projects there each year. As a powerhouse in the internet world, Google always has cutting edge programs and technology as part of their presentations. This week, I directed the webcast for the Chrome launch. Chrome is the new "Open Source" browser that has been in development for a couple of years. Google has two conference rooms, one in their cafeteria (great food by the way) and a smaller one - where we did the Chrome launch. Both rooms have 4 robotic cameras: JVC Hi-Def with two Kahunas in one and Sony cams & Panasonic switchers in the other. One switcher controls the webcast and the other is a screen switcher.

Always a challenge directing robocams - especially in the system with one camera controller. For the larger productions, I usually add a handheld to the system that has two camera controllers.

In a couple of weeks I will be directing the media (video cameras, tape & graphics) for the Google Zeitgeist event. More on that to come…